[Day 23] Taking a break

This afternoon, when I was so chilling out with my playlist on the way to work, a random rain started to pour down without any prior signal. At first, I was too lazy to put on my raincoat, so I kept stabilizing my riding speed under the rain. Normally, in the similar scenario, I have… Continue reading [Day 23] Taking a break


[Day 9] Just a broken phone, or more?

Two days ago, I accidentally dropped my phone from a 1-meter high table to the ground. At first, I thought the phone was still okay because no cracks were found. Later, when I turned it on, the inner screen got severely damaged as I could see the blurred fragments from the inside. To be honest, I… Continue reading [Day 9] Just a broken phone, or more?

[Day 1] The perk of playing with easiness on Duolingo

Let me retell the story of yesterday in a much funnier tone and mood. As you might know, Duolingo is a language hub for everyone who would like to learn the most of the 2nd language besides their mother tongue. As with a solid foundation of English proficiency, I used to spend some time studying… Continue reading [Day 1] The perk of playing with easiness on Duolingo