[Day 23] Taking a break

This afternoon, when I was so chilling out with my playlist on the way to work, a random rain started to pour down without any prior signal. At first, I was too lazy to put on my raincoat, so I kept stabilizing my riding speed under the rain. Normally, in the similar scenario, I have to face a dilemma: to wear or not to wear? Especially when the rain is not so heavy as I can possibly feel, the concern gets tougher. On some occasions, I keep riding and refuse to compromise with the rain, ending up in getting soaked in this kind of weather; but on the others, I decide to stop the bike near a pavement, putting on my raincoat, continuing the ride and always taking it off 5 minutes later.

But today, I took a different action.

I stopped by the park on Le Duan Street for a while.

Well, from the very beginning, I just intended to take a short break off the ride to make a phone call and resume driving afterwards. However, after the call, the rain still did not show any sign of ceasing, so I decided to pause for a little while, taking some time to chill instead of falling in a dilemma like previously. That was the moment when a realization dawned on me with something called “Hiatus“.

hiatus definition

If I was me before today rain, I would get stuck in an A-or-B question in which I had to choose either to continue my ride or to stop and put on the raincoat. But instead, I chose C: to pause for a while.

Similarly, before entering my 2nd semester of the senior year in February 2017, I was drowned in a mess of either to find a job or to continue my studying. Especially, in the so-called crisis of the senior like mine, everybody unconsciously falls to a pit of which direction to move forward. Thus, dealing with the pressure of unemployment is part of the journey, not only mine but also the others’. However, in the midst of chaos, something called “Hiatus” struck me hard, telling the inner self to take a deep breath and make a pause before making any decision. I then left everything unanswered: neither find a job nor register additional electives in school.

To be honest, it was one of the wisest decisions I had ever made. I was able to spend time on enjoying movie series (which I didn’t have time before), going to the gym (yeah?!), chilling with friends and signing up for a design class.

Taking a break, yes, is really difficult, especially to those who are chaotically in the journey to find a stable job after graduation. But once we manage to, a break, even short, is so worthwhile that everything we actually need will fall into place.

Next time, try stopping your bike when it rains and taking some time to see how it feels when not in motion. I’m sure you can feel a big difference in a small moment.


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