[Day 21] Tấm Cám – Another untold story

This morning, I played a new song called “Sấp mặt luôn” on Youtube. This belongs to the soundtracks of “Tấm Cám – Chuyện Huỳnh Lập Kể” – another movie viewed from an angle differing from the conventional.

Parts of the lyric appear like this:

“So ironic that the step-mother always gets targeted as an antagonist

But that’s okay as not everyone knows to reflect themselves

Life is unlike the old tales we once felt interested in

There’s no fairy man but rather live the way we are”

(Please excuse my awkward translation)

The song hit me thinking that we no longer live in a society where social standards and stereotypes define who we are and who we should be. The trait, either good or bad, is something coming from within ourselves, not from within the others’ prejudice. For example, we always perceive the step-mother in most fairy tales as a sinister character and the Cinderella, despite her nationality whatsoever, as a vulnerable person.

So, have we ever questioned back the credibility of the story told?

I don’t mean to refute the moral behind what we have been told, but it’s the one step back before we believe in something told. In the case of a contradictory angle, the step-mother just makes sure that her step-daughter fulfills her tasks before going out but rather in a friendlier manner, the mother chooses a harsher way. Meanwhile, Cinderella should have stood up and brought her step-mother to reason instead of crying and putting up with all the tortures.

Perhaps what I have been explaining above is too old-school, but my main point here is to firmly assure that WE DO NOT LET THE SOCIETY DEFINE FOR OURSELVES. It should be us who know who we are the best and try to live with the definition of ours.

Well, if you appear alike the step-mother, be as FANCY as you can.

Make it worth. Because it’s yours.



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