[Day 23] Taking a break

This afternoon, when I was so chilling out with my playlist on the way to work, a random rain started to pour down without any prior signal. At first, I was too lazy to put on my raincoat, so I kept stabilizing my riding speed under the rain. Normally, in the similar scenario, I have… Continue reading [Day 23] Taking a break


[Day 21] Tấm Cám – Another untold story

This morning, I played a new song called "Sấp mặt luôn" on Youtube. This belongs to the soundtracks of "Tấm Cám - Chuyện Huỳnh Lập Kể" - another movie viewed from an angle differing from the conventional. Parts of the lyric appear like this: "So ironic that the step-mother always gets targeted as an antagonist But… Continue reading [Day 21] Tấm Cám – Another untold story