[Day 11] All about taking side

I thought and was about to explore this topic a few days ago, but I was afraid that one story was not powerful and evident enough to exemplify the point I am going to make. Therefore, I decided to wait for some days to encounter a couple more happenings in my life. Luckily, 3 stories from 3 random (yet not-so) moments were eventually collected.

  1. The shade on a scorching day
    It was a really sunny day as I was riding my sister to her school at around 12.30pm. As soon as I decelerated my motorbike, I saw a shade under a tree at a pretty far distance to the traffic light. “Should I stop here for a while?”, I said to myself. Suddenly, a long ago status of a friend on facebook flashed through my mind as he/she believed those who choose to stay in the shade instead of going straight to the traffic lane are likely to refuse facing challenges in life. The others, on the comment, thought the ground was too biased to make judgement on one’s character.
  2. The cut-down of trees
    When I went out for lunch with my friend last Thursday, I saw some people cutting down a number of tree branches on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. The happening accidentally triggered my memory about the past news regarding the different attitudes of the residents towards the cut-down. One believes that the government shouldn’t take away the source of living which has sustained people’s life for years, whereas others hold the opinion that the cut-down helps prevent the possible accidents from the torrents and promote safety of the cyclists.
  3. The pay-it-all
    This morning, the electricity was cut off around the Da Kao Ward, District 1 at 10am. Therefore, the whole company decided to go to a coffee shop to keep on working. A serious concern arose among the employees when some showed their discomfort towards the fact of having to pay for the transportation and the drink. Deep from the inside, they believed that the founder should (and must) pay for all because it is his duty and their interest. I, however, thought that we were a start-up and the founder had to save up for a bigger goal, the success of the whole company.

I guess you got the idea of what I hope to bring up for today’s topic. In each situation, some of you might choose one side and attack or disagree with the other. I personally believe that whether you choose A or B is totally understandable and the choice shouldn’t be rendered as either correct or not. In this era, we are encouraged to express our opinion towards a particular topic in the society. This has nothing to do with showing off our ego and knowledge over a thing; it is for the purpose of practicing our brain to be more active and critical when exposed to a controversial issue.

Taking one side doesn’t mean we have to be afraid of getting judged by the others, especially in the context when we choose the less favored one. So, pluck up your courage and explicitly take one side.

It is just for your good, and the others’ as well.


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