[Day 9] Just a broken phone, or more?

Two days ago, I accidentally dropped my phone from a 1-meter high table to the ground. At first, I thought the phone was still okay because no cracks were found. Later, when I turned it on, the inner screen got severely damaged as I could see the blurred fragments from the inside.

To be honest, I used to have a strong belief that everything ages and ends up in being outdated. Therefore, I personally thought that the fact it gets damaged along the way is irrefutably part of the process.

Hence, I left the phone like the way it is, without bothering to fix it.

But today, after looking at those inner cracks on my phone, some pieces of thought inexplicably gathered themselves as I was thinking about the analogy between physical things and human beings. I questioned myself: “Are they equivalent?“, “Does my initial thought apply on human beings as well?“, “Is it true that perhaps my personal theory works on relationships too?“. A number of different questions started to emerge, forcing me to really think about my belief.

I must admit that everything, whether it is an object, a human or a relationship, ages. Along the road, it has to encounter different breakdowns, physically or mentally, as part of life cycle. However, it is the attitude of each person that triggers the action (and the life perspective that follows).

  • If I choose to think with a negative mind, I will do nothing to fix the wounds of the thing and let it happen like the way it has to in the aging process.
  • If I choose to think with a positive mind, I will try to fix every wound of the thing instead of neglecting it.

If I was me before writing this post, I would opt for the first option. But HEY, relationships matter, so how about objects?

Well, what I am going to do now is to save money and repair my phone LOL.





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