[Day 7] A wake-up call

I started my internship at an e-commerce startup today. It was pretty memorable as it started to rain cats and dogs when I was on my way to work. Anyway, even today is only my 1st day, something could be drawn out and I do hope it gives you some information for self-reflection after reading the post.

The topic is my realization and self-learning in order to turn from an intern to an executive in the future.


For my situation, the definition might remain unchanged but the meaning behind might have changed in this 4th time being an intern. After 8 hours at work today, some pieces of thinking have gathered themselves for such a transformation later, in both attitude and action.

Here are some differences between an intern and an executive:


  • Involve in a number of different tasks with the aim of earning hands-on knowledge and practical experience. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE
  • Able to make use of strong skills and past experience in fulfilling the tasks and winning the heart of the manager
  • Allowed to make mistake and grow from its aftermath


  • Do some particular tasks in a day but in a more careful way and well invested time
  • The cycle of doing one thing over and over again is unending
  • Know to control self-ego and learn from those with more experience in the workplace

To be honest, although having taken 3 internships in the past and gained some experience in different fields, I was choked with the abundance of cross-field knowledge and the absence of in-depth skills at the same time. On the one hand, what I have earned from different fields added up multi-dimensional advantages to my career. On the other hand, the fact that I forgot to optimize my ability in one specific field cost me an opportunity of being more skillful and expert. I guess, I was too AMBITIOUS and NARROW-MINDED to get out of the shell of being AN INTERN when the right time arrived.

Indeed, one of the biggest lessons I have learned so far is being an executive means fulfilling the job description with our highest capabilities and experience, NOT to apply every single skill and knowledge in the workplace and showcase our superiority over the others.

Although it’s the ugly truth we have to admit, take the following points for a wake-up call:

  1. Invest more time and take it slow (but not too much) in handling every task. This will help you practice yourself to be more patient, careful and responsible for every action taken.
  2. Do everything with heart, even the most trivial things of all. You will have an opportunity to sharpen the relevant skills to be steadier in the journey.
  3. Choose a different way to think and do to avoid the boredom of the over-and-over cycle.

Remember, singular strong experience is worthier than multiple so-so one.


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