[Day 4] Enough is better

To tell you the philosophy behind the title with more ease, let me tell you a story about my eating today.

I came to work quite early, at around 4.45 in the afternoon (which was 15 minutes earlier than usual). People seemed so questionably stunned as to keep asking me: “Why do you go to work so early today my boy?”. Guys, I’m not that usually late, so stop mocking me by the way haha. Anyway, coming back to the main topic, after half an hour, I asked my partner in work to take care of the service in 15 minutes so that I would be able to have my dinner.

To be honest, I myself really enjoy having proper meals at the appropriate time of the day. Today, my dad served me with grilled fish in foil and a piece of omelet. In case you wanna know what the grilled fish in foil looks like, here it is:

grilled fish in foil

Anyway, it was an enjoyable and delightful dinner and I had nothing to complain about. A bowl of rice with the tasty fish and healthy broccoli soup, what could be better then?

I was somehow full, frankly.

But my mouth wanted something more, just a little but to end the meal in a proper way. Something for dessert, for example?

I opened the fridge and took out a plate of slices of mango and apple. One of my colleagues came inside and told me to enjoy. What else could be better then? I grabbed some slices mixed with shrimp salt. They were so delicious that I couldn’t ask for more.

mango with shrimp salt

I was full, frankly.  But it didn’t end like that.

Another sister-in-workplace, after another 15 minutes, sliced a big green cantaloupe. What else could be better than a cantaloupe, especially in this kind of weather. How irresistible it is for anyone not to be seduced? Look at this:


I was too full, frankly.

I promised to myself that I should stop the whole eating thing right away. But life isn’t that predictable, don’t you think?

Before leaving work at around 8.50 PM, I know I should not have looked around. Unfortunately, I caught a glimpse of a bag of POCA peanuts on the table. What else could be better than some snacks to end the night?

poca peanuts

And now, the consequence is something in my stomach seems to be having a fight.

What else could I learn from today? 


Take the above saying as your motto, in life and in eating as well. It helps a lot, for sure!


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