[Day 3] Ever thought of smoking, even once?

Today, I chose to stay in a new coffeeshop hoping that any idea would pop up unexpectedly. In half an hour, nothing showed up as a pusher for my today topic. Then I looked around and suddenly caught a glimpse of a Korean girl, I think, with a panama hat giving herself a smoke of cigarette.

a girl with a panama hat

(Sorry for capturing you but it was strangely picturesque)

As that Korean girl felt so comfortably relieving, I decided to do some searches on smoking in general and the benefits of occasional smoking. At first, I googled with the keywords: “Does a smoke of cigarette help?”, “Being an occasional smoker?”, “Benefits of social smoking”, etc. The results were overwhelmingly stunning:

social smoker, smoking

Most of the results were targeted at criticizing the damaging effects that even social smoking can have on one person. It took me some time to look for another points of view, then a few struck me: “Smoking to relieve tension”, “How cigarettes calm you down”, etc. These articles offered differing viewpoints, but still concluding by indicating the danger of smoking, even just sometimes. Among all, one of the interesting opinions was social smoking in an analogy to social drinking in which people will only drink at dinner or on the weekends when hanging out with friends.

Here is what I personally believe:

  1. Being a social smoker and a social drinker is no difference. When I reached my 2nd year of college, I started to go to the bars or beer clubs having some shots with my friends. I must admit that I am not interested into alcohol drinking, as it is not as refreshing and cool as it actually is in the movies (the taste is somewhat uncomfortable for occasional party-goers like me). However, I still never said no, even enjoying the drinks as if it was one of the social indulgences I should and must have during college. The important thing is I only drink once in a while, considering myself to be a social drinker. Similarly, this works for social smoking as well. As long as we keep ourselves from getting addicted to it, it’s fine.
  2. Trying something new is not so scary as you might imagine. I admit that it is scientifically true that smoking, in the long run, does harm to our health. However, a reasonable limit is preferable. I myself encourage my fellows to be opener to the novelties, even those labelled as positive or negative. First, daring to try gives you a chance to experience and test what people are commenting on is correct or not instead of inactively listening to. Second, trying something new exposes yourself to both the good and the bad to have better preparation for your life. Third, you will be equipped with a stronger sense of self-responsibility for the consequence which may arise when trying something new. Whether it’s good or not, you will become a better person by learning to be more responsible.

What I explained above has nothing to do with being young, wild, and reckless as the excuse for trying without being cautious about the danger. As wise adults, we should recognize the thin line between taking a try and getting addicted.

In short, it is undeniable that smoking, even occasionally, causes a number of different problems to health conditions. However, we should take things from a broader view, having more courage to try something new while preventing ourselves from the consequences by:

  • Putting a limit to the number of cigarettes a day.
  • Replacing cigarettes with spearmints in case you feel like about to get addicted. FYI, spearmints are also able to spark a surge of adrenaline in your bloodstream to be more active but in a healthier way.
  • Asking a friend to be your reminder, rewarder or punisher when having excessive smokes.

Good luck!



1 thought on “[Day 3] Ever thought of smoking, even once?”

  1. I’ve got a Korean girl friend and she gave me the type of cigarettes that her family made themselves in Jeju island. It combines of herbal plants and natural weeds, and it tastes like heaven to me, especially when I’m stressed out or cold.
    But have to admit, it is no good being addicted to something. I made a promise to myself to drink and smoke responsibly eversince.

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